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Escape the normal – experience an exciting, fun, and thrilling adventure with your family and friends!

A thrilling and engaging experience

A creative challenge

Fun for groups, team building and families

Life Can Be More Exciting than You Could Imagine

Feeling bored with the monotony of the day-to-day? Bring some excitement into your life by booking an escape room adventure at Swedin’s Secret Escape Room! Get your family or friends together for a unique challenge that brings together problem-solving skills, creativity, and team building. Whether you’re looking for after-work fun or want to celebrate a special day – our escape rooms provide the perfect escape.

Step into Another World and Solve a Mystery

Open Until Late

Ready for a late-night adventure? The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down - we're open until 11 pm, so you can keep exploring long after nightfall!

Fun for Locals and Tourists

Come join us and enjoy an adrenaline-filled adventure! Our escape rooms will leave you with thrills, chills, and laughs - perfect for tourists or locals seeking exciting activities after their daily routine.

New Games Throughout the Year

Find new adventures and experiences throughout the entire year! One of the rooms rotates every 3 months, so you'll always have exciting new themes to explore. You’ll enjoy solving new mysteries each time.

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Escape Games

Escape the Jungle

Deep within the heart of the jungle lies a secret army, guardians of a legendary diamond of immense power. Decades ago, they hid the diamond in a hidden cave to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. As intrepid explorers, your team has stumbled upon their hidden cave, filled with traps and puzzles designed to deter intruders.
Your mission: navigate through the dense jungle, solve the mysteries of the cave, and locate the hidden chamber where the diamond is safeguarded. But beware, the jungle is fraught with dangers! Can your team unravel the secrets of the jungle and claim the diamond before time runs out?

Level: Difficult

Not recommended for children

Level: Medium

Not recommended for Children

Dollmaker's Mansion

Available During spooky season

Legend has it that many years ago, a mysterious Dollmaker lived in a mansion on the outskirts of town. Renowned for his creepy, lifelike dolls, the Dollmaker’s creations were said to possess a supernatural power. People believed that their haunted eyes could see into the souls of those who encountered them.
One fateful night, the Dollmaker mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a mansion filled with his unsettling dolls. Locals whispered that the dolls were cursed, holding the spirits of those who were wronged by the Dollmaker. Now, the mansion is shrouded in darkness and rumored to be haunted by vengeful spirits.
Your group of brave adventurers has been tasked with entering the Dollmaker’s mansion to uncover the truth and break the curse that plagues the dolls. As you step into the dark and eerie dolls room, you realize there is much more to this place than meets the eye.

Level: Easy

Family Friendly Game

Sweet Escape Gingerbread Adventure

Available During Holiday Season

Once upon a time, in a small village surrounded by snow-covered mountains, there was an enchanted gingerbread house known for producing the most delicious and magical gingerbread creations. However, one fateful day, the houses magical recipe book went missing, and without it, the gingerbread wouldn’t have its special powers.

As the clock ticks and the annual Gingerbread Festival approaches, a team of adventurers, known as the Gingerbread Guardians, is chosen to solve the mystery and retrieve the missing recipe book, having to build a gingerbread house along the way. With time running out, they enter the enchanted gingerbread house to find clues and restore the magic before it’s too late.

Level: Difficult

Great for Groups... and Couples!

Dungeon Despair

Available During Valentine Season

In the depths of a medieval castle lies a forgotten dungeon, where the passage of time has buried the memory of a valiant knight. Long ago, Sir Cedric, a noble and courageous knight, was unjustly imprisoned within these stone walls by a treacherous rival seeking to usurp his rightful place.
For centuries, the dungeon remained undisturbed, until now. Players find themselves transported back in time, taking on the roles of brave adventurers who stumble upon the hidden entrance to the dungeon. As they descend into the darkness, they uncover the tragic tale of Sir Cedric and vow to free him from his eternal captivity.

Level: Easy

Great for families and beginners


Available July, August, and Sept.

Embark on a daring expedition with your team of fearless explorers to an uncharted island, home to a legendary shipwreck adorned with tales of mystery and enigma. The very captain who once commanded this great vessel vanished without a trace over half a century ago, leaving behind an unsolved riddle that has baffled adventurers for generations. Now, the clock is ticking, and you have an hour to unveil the secrets and solve the perplexing enigma before your only means of escape, a boat back to the mainland, departs. Step into the shoes of the brave souls who came before you and immerse yourself in this thrilling quest to unravel the truth. Will you be the ones to finally unearth the captain’s fate and unravel the hidden treasures that lie within this forsaken shipwreck?

Never Been to an Escape Room before? No Worries!

Here’s What You Can Expect

Our Rooms are Safe

Our escape rooms are designed with plenty of space and open areas, so you don’t have to worry about feeling cramped or claustrophobic. You are free to leave the room at any time as the entrance doors are never locked.

A Fun Experience for Groups

If you’re looking for a fun experience for your group, we’re the place for you. Our games are the perfect way for groups of up to 6 to get together and have an unforgettable time!

Ideal for Families

Our escape room experiences are engaging and challenging for adults and children 12+. Bring the whole family for a bonding experience like no other! Feel free to call and check for accommodations.

Make Your Next Special Event Unforgettable!

Our escape rooms offer a unique way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions – we can customize the room for groups, with some extra-special experiences available upon 48hr notification. Contact us now to learn more about making this celebration one you’ll never forget!

Axe Throwing

Experience axe throwing like never before in our 2-lane facility, featuring over 9 exciting game options. Enjoy food and drinks while you play, or if you want to just watch.

Beer is available and can be enjoyed during both axe throwing and escape room sessions, 21+.

Choose between 35-minute or 65-minute sessions, perfect for groups of 2 to 6 players.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

About Swedin’s Secret Escape Room

Swedin’s Secret Escape Room is a thrilling adventure for locals and travelers in Wallowa County and surrounding cities. We offer an exciting new experience for those looking to have lots of fun and test their problem-solving skills. Our escape rooms are perfect for groups of friends, families, or travelers looking for something different. This will be the fastest hour you’ve ever experienced! Time goes super quickly while trapped in the escape room. We’re the only escape room in the area, so don’t miss your chance to try out this new and exciting attraction!


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Frequently Asked Questions

First off congratulations on wanting to try an escape room, get ready to be hooked! Please expect to have a great time working with the team you have picked figuring out puzzles, riddles, clues, locks and working with cooperation and strategy. Escape Rooms can seem intimidating at first, but the Game master is there to help you if you get stuck or need help.
No. Your final code to escape is a locked box next to the door. The door remains unlocked during game play, and individuals are free to leave the room as needed. The time will continue counting down even if you leave the room.
Swedin’s Secret Escape rooms try to keep the rooms family friendly. In the description of Current Escape games (as one room rotates every 3 months) it will explain if the room is scary or not. Swedin’s Secret Escape will create rooms to fit the seasons, and will more than likely only have scary rooms around Halloween. Feel free to call or text if you need more clarification.
Please arrive in the lobby 15 minutes prior to the start of your game. This allows the game master to give you the rules and storyline before playing. If you show up late, your one hour timer will start at the time you booked. Please do not be late!
The game master can see everything happening in the room via camera, and can give you and your team clues to help you solve whatever you might be stuck on.
We ask that you keep your food and drinks with your personal belongings, so no accidents will happen in the escape room and ruin any props. Thank you for your understanding.

Come join us for an escape room adventure you won't soon forget!

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